Decibel is an independent media company offering today's national and regional advertisers a better way to get their brand story heard in a noisy world.

What Is Your Brand’s Decibel Level?

Our job is to get your brand story heard.
Not by being louder, but by being smarter.

The sheer volume of brand messages, in media dollars spent and the number of digital and social platforms delivering content, is deafening. Being heard — by the right audience, at the most receptive time, in the most personal way — demands the effective use of the best data and analytics available. But it also requires insight, creativity and innovation. So to us, the media business is also an idea business. And Decibel is an idea media company.

What is your brand’s Decibel level? We’d be happy to give you our overview of your present media strategy if you contact us.

Our words to live by:
Ownership – The client’s business is our business.
Transparency – Be clear. Be honest. No surprises.
Passion – Driven to get your message heard, whatever media channels it takes.
Enthusiasm – We can do, and will not stop until we are proud of what we have done
Creativity – Your brand is competing for attention with everyone. Predictable is invisible.
Results – Define success and then make it happen.



Tim Davies
President, Chief Media Officer
Melissa Chase
Media Director
Barbara Dong
Associate Media Director
Robyn Davidson
Media Supervisor
Megan Mak
Media Planner
Michela Marsh
Media Planner
Alejandro Goicouria
Media Planner
Elisabeth Bartczak Link
Analytics Manager
Maggie He
Media Operations
Jaclyn Phillips
Media Coordinator



See How.


As a new player in the competitive health insurance market, and with a limited budget, Minuteman Health needed a disruptive media strategy in order to be heard. With creative integration of exclusive high-profile sponsorships (Patriots), radio, page dominations, Out of home, takeovers of “T” trains, social media and other guerilla tactics, we “surrounded” our target audience and seemed to be everywhere.

“I would say that starting a new brand is always difficult, and starting one for health insurance is especially difficult since the product is complicated and not terribly fun. The team was aggressive and creative and, most importantly for us, helped focus our marketing efforts on the slice of the market more relevant to us. We keep hearing that people are seeing our campaign everywhere, and we saturated our target market without spending a fortune. That is no small feat.”

– Tom Policelli, CEO, Minuteman Health


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Our Services

• Consulting • Strategy • Planning • Buying • Data and Analytics • Research • Digital • TV • Video • Mobile • Print • Radio • Out of Home • SEM • Brand Content • Social • Sponsorships



    • Market Insights
    • Competitive
    • Brand Insights


    • Plan
    • Target
    • Invent


    • Negotiate
    • Promote
    • Create Value


    • Report
    • Test
    • Refine



We’re always searching for great talent, in addition to whatever specific positions may be posted at the moment. If you’re interested in being part of the Decibel team, call or email Tim Davies at 617-366-2844 x101,


Decibel Media is looking for a SEM specialist, Digital media planner and a Digitial media Supervisor that has the desire to be part of a team to help our clients be heard. We welcome someone who understands the value of building success and results for our clients but always bringing fresh ideas to the business.

To apply, email your resume to Tim Davies (

SEM specialist

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Digital Media Planner

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Digital Media Supervisor

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We’d be happy to get together and give you our overview of your current media strategy, or tell you more about the Decibel approach. Call or email Tim Davies at 617-366-2844 x101,

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